Nursing Resume: a Full Guide to Write a Great CV

Nursing Resume: a Full Guide to Write a Great CV

 Writing a nursing resume is an important work. If you are applying for the position of the nurse in the hospital, you must create a professional resume that will highlight your skills to show your work experience to the hiring manager. The resume makes the very first impression on the employer. You need to organize this document correctly without errors.

We recommend including these nine sections in your future resume:

  1. Contact information: here you need to write your full name, address, phone number, email address;
  2. Nursing resume objective: it is an optional section where you need to state the position you apply;
  3. Qualifications summary: provides the hiring manager with details related to the certain position;
  4. Relevant experience: here you should list all your experience related to the nursing. Try to include a lot of information to describe your full experience in the medical industry;
  5. Other experience: sometimes it is important for the employer to know your experience outside of healthcare; this is a section where you can mention it;
  6. Skills summary: review the keywords from the job, make a list of skills that match all the skills listed in the posting;
  7. Education, Certification, Training, etc.: it is a section where you can write all the needed information on certificates you have got, various training/special programs you have learned, level of education you got in healthcare;
  8. Professional affiliations: this section shows your awareness of trends in healthcare. It helps to demonstrate your wish to interact with other professionals in medicine.
  9. Volunteer work: in this section, you may include any volunteer experience in healthcare.

The Important Information to Include in the Nursing Resume

When you are making a nurse resume, remember you should provide the hiring manager with the following information:

  • Mention all the locations where you have been worked as a nurse before;
  • Provide the manager with your GPA plus the name of school/university you have graduated (we recommend specifying your GPA only if it is higher than 3,5);
  • Do not forget to write about your volunteer work in the medical sphere (hospitals/clinics);
  • Provide a list of places where you worked as a nurse, don't forget to specify the working hours;
  • Mention where and how long you did placements in school;
  • Make a full list of all nursing jobs you did before. Include a full summary of your duties on each position. Be very specific, create a detailed description; include all the units you worked in (clinic work, pediatrics, Intensive Care Unit, maternal care unit, nephrology, oncology, thoracic head and neck unit, etc.)

Do not write only general phrases but be very specific. The hiring manager needs to know exactly all your skills. If you have a great experience in dealing with children or irritable patients, mention this in your resume; if you are skilled in locating veins for blood samples, highlight this. If you have great skills in communication, you are a tactful person, your patients can trust you, the recruiter will never know about this until you write it! Your own resume must be a full description of yourself. It combines all the facts about you as a nurse plus some personal characteristics that help you to fulfill this job.

More Useful Tips to Make Your Resume Bright

If you are writing a resume, try to make it interesting for a hiring manager. Think about highlighting your accomplishments. Try to emphasize achievements but not just to list your duties on the past job. Needless to say, some candidates prefer copying and pasting the list of duties they performed as detailed in the work description. You need to think what can set you apart from the other people. Think about things at work you proud of, remember what you have accomplished earlier to include these things in your resume.

We suggest using action verbs, certain details, qualities, quantities, to describe yourself in the resume. Remember that your main task is not only to tell the potential employer what you did but try to describe how you did your job. It will improve your chances to get the desired position.

Nursing Resume Examples to Create a Successful Paper

When you are making a nursing resume, a good idea is to find online some good nursing resume examples. A successful sample will help you to figure out how to build your future paper; you will be able to select the information to include in the sections. In our guide, we decided to share with readers a sample nursing resume. View our example before writing your own work:


209 Fanning Way, Louisville, KY 29010

(555) 345-7654

[email protected]


  • Four years experience as a Certified Emergency Nurse in the ER/Trauma Care Unit
  • Positive performance reviews, with a specific commendation for delivering patient-centered, quality care
  • Dedicated to the multidisciplinary team, including mentoring and education of new nurses
  • Able to remain calm under pressure, perform necessary tasks quickly and correctly, make difficult decisions swiftly in emergency situations.


Registered Nurse (RN), Emergency/Trauma - 2012-present.

Wayne Medical Center, Louisville, KY

  • Provide nursing care to Level 1 Trauma Unit patients, handling multiple medical emergencies, including stroke, cardiac arrest, car accidents, head injuries, poisoning, burns, and sexual assaults
  • Access patients and provide necessary and prescribed treatments for stabilization
  • Supervise 2 LPNs and 8 CNAs each shift, directing daily duties, managing schedules, answering questions, and assisting other staff when needed
  • Represented Trauma Unit as a member of JSAHO task force to bring the unit into compliance to safety
  • Developed and contributed strategic plans to advance standards on the unit, improve overall patients care, and outcomes
  • Mentoring a cohort of 25 First Year Nursing Students each semester, educating and guiding in both clinical skills and workplace competencies.

Dedham Medical Center, Dedham, KY - 2010-2012.

  • Performed lifesaving interventions as a part of the multidisciplinary team in the Emergency Department
  • Handled intubations, defibrillations, auto transfusions, IVs, splinting, suturing, and other necessary clinical procedures as part of the patient care plan
  • Built trust and working rapport with staff, patients, family members to enable effective communication of instructions and other information pertinent to the patient's well being and care.


The University of Kentucky, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) - 2012

  • Dean's List
  • Community Scholarship in Nursing


  • Progressive Care Certified Nurse Certification (PCCN)
  • Member, District of Kentucky Nurses Association (DKNA)

We hope that our guide was helpful, and you have created a successful nurse resume that will turn the attention of your potential employer. Needless to say, for some people it may be difficult to create a good resume; in this case, you can order your resume online in the professional writing service.

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