Top 10 Resume Writing Services in New York 2020

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Resume writing services in NYC are as many as pizza shops – at least that’s what it seems when you search for them on Google and other search engines. In New York City itself, there are hundreds of resume writing editorial services and independent freelancers.

But many job seekers prefer to deal with companies since they provide better advantages over freelancers. In this article, we’ll present some best resume writing services in New York which will save you loads of researching and prospecting time.

1. Resume Chief

Resume Chief is an easy-to-use resume writing service in New York City. The company comprises freelance resume writers, but they take care of quality assurance and on-time deliveries. You have to fill out a form detailing your requirements and make the payment.

They will then match up the job with a suitable freelancer who will then prepare the perfect CV for you. It’s that simple! From top-level executives to recent college grad, Resume Chief is a one-stop destination for all.

You can then download the resume from the dashboard provided to you when you have signed up. You can expect numerous revisions and prompt customer service after the delivery of your professionally-worked resume.

2. Brooklyn Resume Studio

This company is a team of expert CV writers, each with decades of experience in this field. They mainly prepare executive resumes that require high-level creativity and expertise.

Besides resume writing, they can help you with personal branding and custom branded marketing as well. Since they employ an in-house team, you can expect to pay higher prices.

3. Career Thinker, Inc.

Career Thinker is more than a CV preparation agency. They focus on career development and can get your professional career started from ground zero. With decades of experience, they can provide feedback on your current resume.

They also specialize in something called a “2nd Targeted Resume” which is essentially a second resume targeted at other career options, separate from the ones you are currently applying for. This is beneficial to people who specialize in multiple domains and are applying for jobs in both domains.

4. Rising Star Resume

Run by single-woman writer, Lynda Spiegel, Rising Star Resume is one of the few companies in NYC providing resume writing services at a very granular level. That is, they take care of even the minute specifications that you provide.

These specifications can provide an edge to your resume over others and land you a job faster. Since this firm is run by a single person, there might be long waiting times at peak seasons. But the services are on par with some of the best out there. Lynda’s work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times among other top journals.

5. Find My Profession

Very few resume writing service providers can claim a 60-day interview guarantee. But that’s the main unique selling proposition of Find My Profession, a New York-based firm. They provide CV creation services to top C-level executives to entry-level job seekers.

Founded by Mike Pedesto, a certified professional, the company has offices in multiple locations in the US besides NYC. So, you can reach out to them even if you leave New York.

Besides CV creation, Find My Profession provides full-fledged career guidance services with offerings like career coaching, personal branding, interview guidance, LinkedIn content creation, and others.

6. Red Pen Wench

Red Pen Wench is another full-fledged writing agency in New York that deals with content creation for various purposes. Specializing in resume writing, the company also provides cover letters, web copy, and personal statement creation services.

They have plenty of premade resume templates available on their website which you can access and select. The company is one of many founded by a woman. In this case, it’s Jillian Kinsey who is a Thumbtack Top Pro awardee, which is received by less than 4% of professionals in her industry. So, expect high-quality work when you get their services.

7. Resume Corner

Resume Corner is a NY-based resume Creation Company which boasts of an unbeatable guarantee: an interview within 30-days. They have served over 5000 customers in different fields ranging from IT to medical to college grads. Professionals at Resume Corner still follow the old school techniques: phone call appointment, no software for CV creation or templates.

Everything is prepared after listening to your requirements and expectations. Besides creating your resume, they also polish you up for interviews and seminars. You get personal coaching from experts who have taken interviews for years and years. The pricing is reasonable too, starting at just $99 for creating your resume which varies depending upon the complexity.

8. Hiring Solutions Group

When looking for a CV writing assistance, why not get the help from people who swarm in CVs all the time? Hiring Solutions Group is a recruitment agency with over two decades of experience. They provide resource onboarding, retention, and development to companies across New York. You can get your CV designed by professionals who sort them all the time.

9. Laura Creative Edge

This is a company founded by expert resume writer, Laura Slawson, who is also CCM and CPRW certified. Through her agency, she helps CEOs and mid-level professionals craft perfect resumes. She is also capable of crafting cover letters, eye-catching LinkedIn bio section, and persuasive professional biography.

10. Career Clout

Run by Todd Gareiss who is considered one of the best resume creators, Career Clout is dedicated to providing the best services to its clients, which also includes big firms. Besides crafting perfect CVs, he is also engaged in advertising and PR work.

Since Todd comes from a sales background, you can expect your resume to be persuasive and a bit salesy which will help you land an interview faster. However, the pricing remains on the high-end since he runs the firm almost by himself and services mostly top-end clients and C-level execs.