Top 10 Executive Resume Writing Services 2020

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Why should you use an executive resume writing service? Well, having an excellent executive resume is perhaps one of the essential things in every adult's life. It's one of the most important documents that can either make or break your next job opportunity in the industry.

There is absolutely nothing that employers love more than a professionally written executive resume and a firm handshake. Sadly, writing a perfect executive resume can be a pretty hard thing. You will need to know all of the critical jargon, all of the hard information you have to provide, and a myriad of other things. Every significant resume needs:

  • Proper Information
  • Good Styling
  • Great Formatting
  • Proper Readilibitly and Length
  • Chronology, consistency, and character

All of this might sound too complex, but don't worry. All of the best writing options and services are right here on the internet, and we've decided to give you a top 10 list to help you get your resume in record time.

Resume Chief

Without a doubt, Resume Chief takes the top spot on our list for the best resume writing services. Consistency of a 5-star rating and some of the best options around make Resume Chief one of the best services out there.

ResumeChief isn't only one of the best-rated services on the market; they're remarkably easy to use. The ordering process from this company is as simple as going to their website, filling the quick sheet up, getting matched with a proper writer, and getting your paper going!

If you face any issue with this excellent service, they have a revision policy allowing users to request edits within a 2-week frame from receiving their personalized document!


  • Affordable
  • Top tier service
  • Professional writers
  • Quick


  • /

Find My Profession

Find My Profession is a 5-star writing company, providing pro content from pro writers. Their solemn promise to you is never to use ghostwriters, always opting for an in-house professional.

They are based in the US and offer a variety of resume writing services. This firm provides ATS compatible resumes. They have a team of experts with experience in over 85+ different niches, professionals, and industries. They also offer a 60-day interview guarantee.


  • Superb customer support
  • ATS compatible
  • 60-day interview guarantee
  • Professional writers


  • Pricy
  • No free revision policy

Great Resumes Fast

With over 50 5-star ratings, Great Resumes Fast is a good contender for your resume writing needs. They have a team of professionals versed in a variety of different niches. They also offer phone consultation with your matched writer, ensuring real in-home writers.


  • Affordable
  • Professional teams
  • Phone consultations
  • Very, very quick turnaround


  • Not every writer is certified
  • No free revision policy

The Writing Guru

The Writing Guru is a company by Wendi Weiner, a seasoned writer. She is a former college professor and holds numerous certifications in resume writing, making her more than qualified for the job. It is a one-man show service, meaning that Wendi writes all of the content.


  • Unmatched Quality
  • One-on-one approach
  • In-depth, professional research
  • Many, many years of experience
  • Numerous certifications


  • Fairly slow
  • Very expensive

Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Mary is a professional writer with a vast array of certifications and is in many ways similar to the Wendi mentioned above Weiner. Mary is professionally certified in numerous industries and has a near-perfect score. She is focused on writing a professional executive resume for seven-figure individuals, meaning that her rates are sky-high.


  • Great quality
  • Good rating
  • Much experience


  • Insanely expensive
  • Complicated website navigation
  • Slow turnout time

An Expert Resume

This is a professional, top-notch service that is going to write a resume for any need. They've undergone an extreme renovation business-wise, improving their portfolio by quite a lot.

It's easy to navigate and simple to use. The only issue is the price. It's certified and has numerous resume awards held by its owner Laura Smith-Proulx.


  • Easy to use
  • Top-tier customer support
  • Reputable owner


  • Insanely expensive
  • Complicated website navigation
  • Slow turnaround

James Innes Group

The Jammes Innes group is a conglomerate of writers with years of experience in every industry resume writing. You're assured top tier quality, and a guaranteed customized resume If you're looking for great resumes fast, you've found the place.


  • Fully personalized resumes
  • Professional proofreading
  • Professional revisions
  • Rewriting services
  • Interview coaching options


  • Slow turnaround


ResumeCVWriter is an online service, not only excessing in a high rating, but also a perfect rep sheet. Their business is based on creating resumes for everyone, not exclusively executive positions. They're very reasonably priced and are one of the best lower-end options available.


  • Very cheap
  • Professional and quicks service
  • Free revision up to a week
  • Simple to order
  • Easy website navigation


  • Not all writers are certified
  • Might outsource wiring needs


Zety offers excellent service, centered only around executive-level employees. If you're looking to get that next big job, you're looking to hire Zety to help you out. Unlike other services in this nature, Zety is affordable, all while providing a top tier service. All of the resumes are written by in-house resume writers and career experts.


  • Reputable team
  • Reputable website
  • Great rating
  • Professional writing
  • Surprisingly affordable


  • Relatively slow turnout
  • Complicated website navigation


It's an excellent executive writing service. While it's a little bit outdated in its design, all of the ratings show that the reputability glows here. You're bound to get a great resume at a relatively affordable price. This website also offers a myriad of other writing services, so you should check it out.


  • Simple service
  • A myriad of writing services
  • Many good ratings
  • Affordable


  • Outdated design
  • Might not be certified

Final Word

There are a lot of executive resume services on the market, and getting one professionally written is always a preferable choice. If you can afford it, you should consider it. Some additions on this list are expensive, while others offer a more affordable and arguably better service.

Find one that suits all of your needs and your budget the best - and gets that executive resume written by the best executive resume writing service around!