How to Write a Resume Objective That Stands Out

How to Write a Resume Objective That Stands Out

 A well-written resume objective is so much important that it can be compared to nice shoes you wear to the interview. It is not only about writing objectives, describing your strong sides and professional skill like in resumes.

The issue is to write it briefly and succinctly. If you are looking for the information how to do it, you’re lucky because you’re in the right place. Read the article and find out tips, tricks, other information on how to make your resume objective effective and what to include in it.

Introduction to Resume Objective Writing

You need to learn how to write a good objective statement, find examples, tips and check what employers are looking at when they are hiring someone if you are:

  • Starting your career and haven’t years of experience and specific skills;
  • Changing your job position, industry, or field of business;
  • Applying for internship;
  • Seeking for new work, employer, company, etc.

What is the Resume Objective?

A resume objective is the part of your resume which states your main career goals. Sometimes it is simple and contains the title of the job which you are looking for. It can show experience and skills you already have and what direction of your career development you have chosen. In other words, it is a good summary for the HR manager he sees when he opens your resume because it is at the top of your resume right after your name. You can read more about resume writing here.

How long should it be?

It is up to you to decide, it depends on the information you want to include. Resume objective is two or three sentences long. This section of the resume is your opportunity to convince the management of the company to hire you.

3 Types of Resume Objectives

There are three main types of career objectives according to your level of expertise:

  1. High school;
  2. College student;
  3. Professional objectives.

The approaches to writing these three types are a little bit different. You can read about them in this article.


High School Student Career Objective

If you are a high school student, you can have no or minimal professional experience. So your approach to resume writing should be special. You should make an emphasis on what you already have obtained. It may be:

  • Part-time job;
  • Apprenticeship;
  • Internship experience;

Describe all your good personal characteristics, ability to learn. As a high school student, you probably have some practical experiences, skills you’ve obtained during studying. You should write a three-sentence resume objective:

  1. sentence - write about yourself: introduce yourself and show your strong sides, your grades, etc.;
  2. sentence - describe job or position you are looking for;
  3. sentence -talk about your skills and practical experience and explain why they are useful for the company and for the position.

Find the high school resume objective sample below:

I’m a responsible and hard-working student, quick learner, who is a real team player, having 4.0 GPA. I’m looking for an internship in a finance department to improve my skills, get experience and help your company to achieve its goals. My attentiveness to details and analytical skills will be perfect for the internship in your company’s finance department.

School Resume Proves

You can add some school activities to your resume to prove your personal characteristics:

  • Doing sports will help you to become disciplined and strategic thinking person;
  • Visiting theater arts classes will make you a good public speaker and will give you presentation skills;
  • If you were a member of a Student Government, you have management, organizational skills and can become a leader among your coworkers.

College Student Resume Objective Writing

If you are a college student probably you are looking for an internship or entry-level work. Our advice is to make an emphasis on your education, theoretical skills, your personal characteristics. You can use the same 3 sentence scheme as for resume objectives.

  1. Show your school name, degree, and your experience if you have
  2. Show you strongest characteristics you can prove and explain how you can apply them in the company;
  3. Show that you are a good team player, responsible and reliable worker, that your personal goals coincide with company’s goals and policies.

We give a good example below:

I’m an Ashbourne college graduate with a BA in Economics & one year of experience in the international company. I’m looking for an entry-level position in the back-office department of your company which will allow using my academic knowledge and filling all responsibilities of this position. I’m a reliable worker with respect to deadlines and company’s strategy of achieving goals.

Writing of Professional Career Objectives


If you are a professional with several years of experience, you will have another purpose of your resume objective than the school or college student. You can look for a better job, better salary or working environment. You should show your goals, wishes and explain why you are a good candidate for the exact position. You should:

  1. Show your experience in years in the industry. If you want to change the industry don’t talk about the experience in other fields; describe your responsibilities, duties, achievements;
  2. Describe your relevant and strong characteristics that make you a good candidate for the position for which you are applying;
  3. Talk about your additional education, certificates, training, licenses. Show everything that can become your competitive advantage. Find professional general resume objective examples below:

I’m a Finance consultant with 7+ years of relevant experience in the field of private finance consultancy, enterprise asset management. I am able to use my proven analytical, finance and management skills to fill the position of Senior Finance Consultant in your company. I have an MBA and numerous professional training certificates.

7 Tips for a Winning Writing

  1. Choose the most relevant goals;
  2. Be extremely clear about goals;
  3. Talk only about relevant experience;
  4. Don’t give unnecessary information;
  5. Put the needs of the employer first;
  6. Emphasize your strengths;
  7. Make it short and clear.

In the article, we tried to give you all necessary information about resume objective writing. Use our tips and make it killing. If you still have some hesitations or questions, ask them in the comments to this article.