Top 10 Free Resume Review Services

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Your resume is the gateway to amazing job opportunities and career advancement. That is precisely why it needs to be top-notch. However, writing a high-quality resume can be difficult because the criterion is very demanding. There are so many different factors to consider, including:

  • Readability
  • Consistency
  • Layout
  • Length

Luckily, there is a wide variety of free resume review services available that can help analyze your doc and give actionable advice on how to improve it. Remember, having a great resume is a huge advantage when seeking employment. But many online career builders and review websites operate unethically and just want to upsell their services, instead of giving you a helpful review. We’ve explored dozens of free resume review services and came up with a list of ten best websites that will assist you with polishing your resume and obtaining amazing job opportunities.

1. Resume Chief

ResumeChief is among the most sophisticated professional resume builders and resume review services from this list. This reputable company offers content-based solutions for job applicants from various industries. Initially, ResumeChief was founded by college students who were skilled writers and who wanted to share their knowledge to improve someone’s chances of scoring a dream job. Since then, this company has been rapidly evolving thanks to the outstanding quality of their service. The ordering process is very easy and intuitive. You can find an order form on their website, fill it out, get matched with a suitable writer, and receive your paper through a personal dashboard on their platform. Since this company wants to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, they have a revision policy that allows users to request edits within 14 days of receiving their personalized doc.

2. Zip Job

Zip Job is another highly-popular resume review and writing service with fast turnaround time. They offer a free resume review for new customers, which is delivered within 48 hours. Unlike many other services, Zip Job doesn’t seem to be using AI to analyze the quality of a paper. Moreover, many customers praise them for their honesty - they won’t force any edits in case the resume is already great. They structure their edits by dividing them into four categories:

  • Design, Structure, and Formatting
  • Language and Writing
  • Resume Scanning Software Test
  • Recommendations

3. Resume Worded

Resume Worded focuses on resume assessment services, rather than resume writing. They base their business on high-quality software which uses Artificial Intelligence technology to make edits and suggestions, which are broken down in four categories, namely:

  • Impact
  • Brevity
  • Style
  • Average Bullet Score

Although most of the feedback is free, some categories need to be unlocked by paying a fee for a premium subscription. The resume uploading process is rather straightforward, and it takes less than five minutes to complete.

4. Ladders

Ladders isn’t necessarily focused on providing resume review services. Instead, their platform is mostly used for seeking career opportunities. However, they also offer a free resume review service for their clients. Users say that the whole experience was rather easy and that the results were instant. Since they can provide instant content evaluation, they are likely using an advanced software solution to analyze the clients’ docs. You can expect to receive an in-depth analysis with examples on how to improve your resume.

5. SkillRoads

Skillroads offers multiple useful career services, including the following:

  • Building LinkedIn profiles
  • Resume builder
  • Cover letter writing

They are very well-known for their Artificial Intelligence technology resume generator, and they also offer an instant free resume review, which is divided into multiple categories:

  • ATS Compatibility
  • Style and Formatting
  • Resume Sections
  • Career goals
  • Accomplishments
  • Relevance
  • First Impressions and Contact Information

6. Monster

Monster’s main focus is connecting job-seekers who specialize in providing information technology services with a perfect employer who seeks such workers. Moreover, they also offer free resume assessment services for their clients. An advantage of using their services is the fact that, once you upload your doc, they will ask whether you’d like to share the resume publicly so potential employers would be able to see it. Their turnaround time is usually around two days, and they split their feedback into two categories:

  • What you did well
  • What can be improved

7. Live Career

Live Career is a parent company of My Perfect Resume, which is among the largest professional resume building services. They don’t use human experts to assess the resumes, though. Instead, they use software that helps users with creating resumes on their own. The overall experience is very straightforward and easy. They don’t ask for an email or any contact information. You can expect to receive your review in up to two days, which will comment on what to improve and offer a “Fix Now” button. However, a mistake is that they don’t comment on how to improve it, and they require payment to use the “Fix Now” option.

8. The Resume Center

The Resume Center is among the most popular content review services, which is mostly known for building LinkedIn profiles, as well as professional resume writing. The uploading process is very easy. You will need to enter your email and upload the doc in either doc or PDF format. Since they mostly focus on actually writing resumes, their reviewing services are not as detailed as they should be. They will let you know what’s right and wrong with the resume, but they won’t offer an example on how to improve it.

9. TopResume

TopResume is a huge resume writing business, with over 300,000 satisfied customers and counting. They also offer free resume reviews which are very detailed, comprehensive, and goal-oriented. The process of submitting your documents is rather easy and fast – they only require your email and that’s it. You can upload your files in doc and PDF formats, and expect to receive comments within 48 hours. One downside is that they don’t give any actionable advice, so the customers would be inclined to pay a fee to receive premium services.

10. Career Resumes

Lastly, Career Resumes is yet another platform that offers complimentary resume evaluations aimed at executives, managers, and professionals. This website acts as a comprehensive career builder because it also offers:

  • LinkedIn portfolio services
  • Writing cover letters
  • Business resources
  • Writing resumes

Instead of using software to evaluate the quality and point out mistakes, they have actual professional writers who will ensure that your paper is top-notch. The submission process is a bit lengthy, as they require a lot of information such as name, email, time zone, location, etc.


All resume review services listed above are great – some better than others. They will break down your resume and explore ways of how you can improve it. However, resume reviews aren’t for everyone. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and discouraging to see someone pointing out your mistakes or giving paragraphs of information on how to improve your content. If that’s the case, you can always opt for a professional resume writing service that will do all the hard work for you. Although it’s not recommended to continuously use professionals instead of learning to do it on your own, hiring them once can give you an insight into how expert resumes should look like. It can be a helpful learning experience that will teach you how to build and perfect your own resumes in the future.