Professional Skills for a Perfect Resume

Professional Skills for a Perfect Resume

 Writing a resume, many applicants stop on the part "personal qualities". It is difficult for them to understand what exactly the employer would like to see in this column. Сhoosing an example of personal qualities for a resume, remember that they may differ for different vacancies.

The description of the ability to lead people for a secretary will be rather a disadvantage. To write a list of your skills for resume, you must be ready to speak information well of yourself. Many find it difficult to do this, so they are trying to find a ready-made example of personal qualities to be stated in a resume. It is necessary to approach seriously the process and choose from the list only those characteristics you correspond. Follow the patterns to write a top resume.

Propriety is Crucial

It is interesting for an HR to spend time and get to know what relevant abilities people have in hand. They do not pay attention to the competencies that will not be useful for the offered job (today every person knows what microsoft office is, mentioning this skill is not necessary at all, unless you are an administrative assistant). You should organize skills for resume blueprinted towards the position you apply for. If you possess a quality that is not match directly to a job you should mention it.

If you apply to be hired for a communication manager position at a company that sells titles, it would be tolerable to specify that you play the piano. It is not directly related to the business communication manager position. It shows that you have a clue of the mentioned industry.

Determine As Far As Feasible

It means that you should change strong adjectives that are nonspecific to hard numbers. This rule is similar specifying hardware, software tools you have remarkable knacks.

Specify your knowledge. Instead of “ Speaks several languages” say “Fluent in Chinese, German, Italian, and English”. Note “65 WPM typist” instead of “Skilled typist”. It is not necessary to be one-sided specifying your knacks; if you add certain details it will improve the understanding of your abilities.

Arrange Your Bullets

Whether you list two or four bullet points, this is not that big of a deal; when you begin to list some extra skills you want to keep things right-minded. Keep your language and verbal skills in the communication section and your programming skills in technical abilities.

Using Word and Excel has long ceased to be a special skill. Anyone who works in the office mastered it. Such data will only burden your resume and divert you from really significant advantages.

Take a look at the skills that are scattered:

  • Polyglot - speaks German, French, English, and Portuguese;
  • Experienced web designer, have intimate knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop;
  • Well versed with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel;
  • Persuasive and eloquent speechmaker.

The following skills are in order:

  • Experienced web designer, have intimate knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop;
  • Well versed with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel;
  • Persuasive and eloquent speechmaker;
  • Polyglot - speaks German, French, English, and Portuguese.

Additional Indispensable Formatting Tips

Many people make a crucial mistake when they put their corresponding skills at the end of their resume. They should be at the beginning because they help to make the image of a candidate. If you are an IT specialist, your technical skills for resume - operating systems you work with, or networking experience should be at the beginning of your resume.


The Classical List of Skills to Be in Your Resume

Both soft and hard skills are to be focused on. Good ones show that you work very well with others solid ones persuade that you possess some particular good skills for resume to carry out work. You can hardly find a position that requires only hard or soft knacks. All of them are important; be a computer genius and a motor mouth in the eyes of the HR. What are hard skills? Here is a short list:

  1. Web Development;
  2. Statistical analysis;
  3. Foreign languages;
  4. SEO or SEM marketing;
  5. Data presentation;
  6. Accounting;
  7. Article writing;
  8. Mobile Development.

The most popular soft job skills for resume that you may indicate are:

  1. Organization;
  2. Creativity;
  3. Amiability;
  4. Collaborations;
  5. Time management;
  6. Communication;
  7. Leadership;
  8. Amiability;
  9. Additional skills for resume.

The main recommendation writing job skills for resume is not to specify trivial things: responsibility, learning, dedication, leadership abilities, high efficiency, stress resistance, aspiration for career growth. Many people write and do not even think about the meaning of these phrases. Do not be like others, learn to stand out from the crowd.


It is important to specify:

  1. Sociability. It is a very good quality, necessary for all people. Most people misunderstand the meaning of this word. Communicative is a quality characteristic of sociable people who lead an active social life. This quality is not very good - it is more distracting from drawing up plans and analyzing the current situation. When the applicant writes the word "sociability" in the abstract, he most likely means his ability to find a common language with the employees of the firm, customers, and suppliers.
  2. Educability. This is a good quality in any person, but here it has its own nuances. A twenty-year-old competitor with good training is an advantage for the employer. A person aged 45, who at various times occupied a lot of various posts and writes the word "educability" in his resume may cause certain suspicions. Applying for a position in any field, you can write this quality if you are 20-30 years old or if the profession implies a constant study of new technologies and programs to improve yourself in this specialty.
  3. Responsiveness. This quality is rather ambiguous. Here, everyone can mean by this concept something of his own: the fulfillment of promises, the timely performance of tasks, the ability to be accountable for his own actions, etc. Responsiveness implies taking responsibility for certain tasks or solving problems, based on knowledge and skills. Roughly speaking, do not hang on yourself anything superfluous, something that can not be done.
  4. Stress resistance. Many job seekers mention such quality in their CVs & cover letters as stress resistance, most of them do not possess it. It's not their trouble. All people are like that. Few people will calmly react to the chief's screams, an occasional push in public transport or a person "I just ask" in the long line. Even if there are no external reactions, almost every individual will ravage inside. By the way, it's not so difficult to check the competitor's stress-resistance during the interview. Incorrect question or artificial expectation is given. Irritation will come out without fail.
  5. Purposefulness. It is necessary to strive to reach the goal & to be able to correctly put it. What is the purpose of sending a resume? Get a job or work for a particular company? If such a question is asked in an interview, applicants often choose the second option and cannot explain it when they are asked how they want to achieve this goal.

And here are the correct qualities which should be used in the CV.

Effort and Achievement

  • Execute all activities with special attention to ensure the correct, effective and efficient execution of every task;
  • Look and learn new date to be aware of new qualification demands and changes in technology;
  • Achieve a full-fledged multitasking ability by staying goal-oriented and concentrated tackling multiple tasks to achieve the desired goals;
  • Perform the necessary duties beyond the conventional or general requirements to keep high individual standards and guarantee absolute indulgence of the performed work.

Analytical Thinking

  • Estimate and separate complex workflows into a number of managed tasks to improve efficiency;
  • Develop holistic solutions to difficult problems analyzing relevant data sets;
  • Prevent accidents in the workplace by promoting safe working practices and paying attention to the company's equipment;
  • Responsible for solving customers’ problems, estimate trends.


  • Arrange meetings with staff at least once a month to ensure the team spirit of the main points of the project;
  • Understand the meaning and using of body language to evaluate the intentions and views of others;
  • Have developed social communication skills, both oral and nonverbal, which help to achieve a mutual understanding during the negotiations.


  • Excellent Typing (WPM: 85);
  • Solid knowledge of diagnosis for Software;
  • Read popular blogs and posts on social media about the latest news and investigations.


  • Join every situation readily and warmly, showing the nature of leadership, be open to interpersonal teamwork;
  • Put emphasis on surmounting difficulties rather than looking for the cause of any problem. Remember that a positive attitude is an advantage in any situation;
  • Contribute to the success of the group without putting emphasis on personal success and undertaking the wider picture;
  • Negotiate team or colleague conflicts efficiently by good interpersonal qualifications.

Creativity and New Ideas

  • Compare and integrate innovative ideas easily, using critical or creative thinking;
  • Estimate different risks and benefits which may appear with the application of new programs;
  • Use well-minded analysis, promote an approach which is based on science to get a creative approach and transform it into feasible solutions.

Bear in mind that a list of skills for resume is the key role of the resume, so do not skip it.