Engineering Cover Letter: How to Grab a Dream Job Position

Engineering Cover Letter: How to Grab a Dream Job Position

 You have been looking for a dream job for a long time, and finally, you've found it, congratulations! Now you are about to apply. You have already proofread your resume and you’re sure it is perfect, what’s now? The last step remains. You need to write a great cover letter, and you are lucky to find this article because we know exactly how to write an excellent engineering cover letter and we will tell you how to start, to whom you should address it and all you need to know from “Dear Sir” to “Sincerely yours”.

What is a Cover Letter?

Sometimes it takes a couple of months to find a good job if you are an engineer because this position requires special knowledge in narrow areas, it’s not easy to find vacancies which match your skills, expectations.

An engineering cover letter is a special document which you must send together with your CV as a front cover and which makes highlights in your experience, education, achievements, ect., explains why the hiring manager should choose you. In your engineering cover letter just like in any resume, you need to show the HR that you are the perfect candidate, that he needs you, no one else.

Cover Letter Structure: Read and Follow

Engineering cover letter structure should include several parts, at least one paragraph should be devoted to each of them.

  1. Heading (put here your name, contact details, name, contacts of the hiring manager);
  2. Salutations (greet the person to whom you address your letter);
  3. In the 1 paragraph give the job title (identify the position), state the fact that you are a perfect candidate. Here your task is to get them hooked, make them keep reading. An example: “I was happy to find your job offer of the position of personal assistant since I’m sure my experience, professional skills make me a good candidate to apply”;
  4. In the 2 paragraph, one needs to tell the HR why he should be interested in him as a candidate, why he is perfect;
  5. In the 3 paragraph of your cover letter, tell about your previous positions, career achievements. Explain why you want to work in this particular company;
  6. Closing paragraph. Try to close the letter politely with the hope for meeting at the interview. But don’t be persistent, self-confident. It seems not easy, if you can’t cope with it, ask for the help from reliable resume writing service.  

What a Perfect Cover Letter Should Include: Don't  Miss It

An engineering cover letter like any other one usually doesn’t have special requirements. But there are some things one should include:

  • Greetings, name of the hiring manager (if there is such information in the job offer). It is better to give to the HR the understanding of your interest in the position and in the company;
  • Your important achievements at previous positions;
  • Explanations why you are a good candidate, what you can do in the company;
  • Why you want to win this job offer;
  • Where you found this offer;
  • Closing statements. Don’t forget to thank the recruiter.

Format a Cover Letter in This Way and Get Your Dream Job

There is no ‘one-size’ format to use in various cases. It is a personal choice which depends on your experience, job offer, peculiarities of the field in which you are going to work. But making your letter well formatted you are able to show your attention to details, your willingness and desire to get this work. Sure if someone is an artist or kids’ animator, he has to make a creative CV and cover letter. Speaking about engineering positions, we have the following advice:

  • Make sure the text flows in a logical way;
  • Support statements with figures;
  • Choose a professional looking font;
  • Proofread, check it (grammar and spelling);
  • Avoid unnecessary details;
  • Write short paragraphs;
  • Be concise, clear;
  • Make it succinct (around a half a page of A4 or one page maximum). You can read about formatting resume here.  

Engineering Cover Letter: Tips Everyone Should Know

If someone is just starting his career or he is an engineering graduate, he has a wide range of career options. A perfect cover letter is your chance to convince the employer that his company or industry is the most desirable. Here are some tips:

  • State your current career aim clearly;
  • Tell why you were attracted by this particular company; which projects seem interesting to you;
  • Mention your experience relevant to the job offer you are applying for;
  • Don’t be shy to sell yourself (illustrate your advantages, show that you possess all the required skills);
  • Keep closing paragraph sweet and short;
  • Mirror the offer. Now you have an opportunity to show a perfect match between role requirements and your skills. Read about professional skills for resume here

Be Accurate and Professional – It is A Must for Engineers

Make sure your text is correct, does not contain mistakes, misunderstandings, or false as it is the first what your future employer will see and you literally have 10 seconds to impress. Be a professional, use only respected email-providers, appropriate emails, indicating your first, last name (obviously [email protected] is not a sign of professionalism and good taste). It is also impolite to use your current work email.

Who is the Addressee of Your Cover Letter?

You should address it directly to the hiring manager, find information in the text of job offer or on the website of the company. Your greeting is the first thing which the HR will see and there is a foolproof strategy: use the name to make your greeting catch the attention:

  • Dear John,
  • Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. /  Miss Smith.

If you can’t find the information about the name of the HR, write:

  • Dear Sir;
  • Dear Hiring Manager;
  • Dear “Company name” Team;
  • Dear Marketing Team Hiring Manager.

The phrase ”To Whom It May Concern” is not the best choice to use in these kinds of documents but it is not a mistake.

Cover Letter Introduction Examples

"I am interested in the Senior Engineer position at No Name company.”

“Mr.Smith suggested I contact you about the Engineer position, as he is sure my experience would be useful for your company.”

“I would be extremely grateful for the opportunity to schedule a meeting with you to discuss my apply for the position.”


When it comes to applying for a new engineering position, resume summary and the cover letter are the most important parts of the whole process. You should understand that if your cover letter is not well-written and will not impress the hiring manager, your CV may be thrown into a trash without even opening. That's why it is extremely important and we are glad that we have an opportunity to share with you our tips, advice. If you still have some questions, just leave them in the comments and our professional team will answer you.