Chronological Resume Writing Guide: Show Your Career Progression

Chronological Resume Writing Guide: Show Your Career Progression

 Want to highlight your professional growth? The chronological resume will suit this purpose best compared to other formats. Are you a job seeker who has a large experience in a certain field or industry and wants to impress a recruiter? Believe, choosing the reverse-chronological format is the most effective way to tell about yourself. The only situation you should avoid this choice implies is that your work history is full of periods without employment.

You will be able to share information about your work experience, skills, education, and professional qualifications starting with the last place of work and moving to the career beginning. Use a chance to present your personal career progression in the chronological resume. Remember that a well-structured chronological resume is a key to success. If failing, - forget about high hiring opportunities.

Have found the best position among your dream jobs and are ready to show your ambitions and professional potential? Check the top-quality chronological resume template. Stop living in a la-la land - make a step towards your realization. Believe, a resume is a good tool- it will help to make the desired change in your life!

Chronological Resume Template: Check What It Must Look Like!

Before getting started, have a closer look at the essential parts to create the chronological resume that means a chance to succeed in life! The chronological resume template has been written according to standards of this format. Check it facing a need to compose your own resume of the chronological type. Below, you’ll find a detailed chronological resume written with the aim to be hired for the position of Project Manager.

Project Manager Chronological Resume Sample

Don Michael

Date of birth: 04/07/1993
Marital status: Married

Address: 1678 Louis Street, NY 56777

Contact Information:

Tel. (212) 999-4378

Email: [email protected]

Professional Experience:

Project Manager in “Smith & Clein” New York ( October 2016-August 2018)

  • Negotiating with foreign partners/investors (USA, England, Ireland);
  • Implementation of information security systems;
  • Management of IT company projects;
  • Management of budgets, risks, timing;
  • Practical knowledge of methodology of Agile / Scrum, XP, ScrumBan, Kanban. Obtaining and accumulating knowledge and experience in technologies in the field of process management

PR Manager in “Atlas Air” (September 2013-October 2016)

  • Sale of air advertising, cooperation with onboard magazines of the airline "International US Airlines"
  • Acquiring skills to work with the segment of the luxury goods market and expensive services
  • Expansion of knowledge of the US media market
  • Work with advertising agencies
  • Preparation of Agreements and Supplementary Agreements
  • Preparation of media plans
  • Working with editors of magazines
  • Search for advertisers
  • Maintaining long-term friendly relations with advertisers

Project Manager, “Watsons Club” ( August 2016- January 2015)

  • Assisting and supporting specialists involved;
  • Project management (Agile, Scrum) direct participation in the project implementation process;
  • Ensuring fulfillment of certain deadlines and stages of projects;
  • Planning and monitoring activities of specialists involved in projects;
  • Coordination of works and activities, implementation of projects of marketing departments, and design;
  • Definition and setting goals and objectives, monitoring their implementation.


Sep 2000-July 2015

University of Maryland, Information Technologies Faculty

Master of Computer Science

  • A member of the Student Association
  • An organizer of 2 successful projects implementing computer technologies into the educational process

Additional Skills:

  1. Knowledge of three foreign languages (Italian, Spanish, Japanese). I can speak fluently
  2. Professional level of programming, an ability to work with Excel, MO, MW
  3. Driving license

This is a chronological resume example you can successfully use having a need to prepare a well-structured CV. Have this sample in front of you because now we are going to analyze it in detail. Check the complete guide for writing an effective chronological resume that will help to stand out!

Reverse Chronological Resume: How to Write a Resume in 5 Steps?

You could understand from the resume example above, the main distinctive feature of the“vice-versa” chronological resume from other types is in its order. Following it, provide the potential recruiter with the clear picture of your self-development and achievements. Starting with the last job position in a resume and ending at the beginning of your career path gives a great opportunity to show what you are now and several years ago.

Keep in mind that a chronological resume written the right way is a guarantee of your high chances to be approved for the desired vacancy. So, learn about its main features. It is a must to achieve your goal. So, we have already defined the purpose of writing the reverse-chronological resume following exactly such format. Now, don’t waste time-check the helpful step-by-step guide for writing this kind of resume.

1. Give your personal information: Include the following details in your chronological resume:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail
  • Website (if there is any)

2. List the companies you have worked in: Using a reverse order resume, you are expected to tell about your work experience mentioning the position in each company. Write during what period of time you were working for the certain employer. Mention in the resume what kind of responsibilities you had. It is better to use a bullet list following this purpose because an HR will find it easier to perceive this kind of information provided exactly this way.

3. Provide information about the education you got: Those people who have any degrees are recommended to start this section mentioning them. Next, you are supposed to write the name of the college/university and faculty. Write the dates when you entered and finished the educational establishment. Most common mistakes made by job seekers is the mentioning of all schools starting with the elementary. In the resume, write about the place where you got the higher education.

4. Write about any kind of organizations and associations you have taken part in. This refers to any volunteer activities you performed for free. This is an optional point in the resume. If you have some information to share, don't forget to do this because this will be your competitive advantage. Mention all the certificates you got and the professional programmes you participated in.

5. Add information about your special skills in your chronological resume. Some job applicants may call this resume section the one giving an opportunity to boast your additional functional abilities. It can rightly be called so because you are provided with a real chance to show what makes you the one what you are. Think of all related skills that can show your best side and which can impress the Human Resources Manager reading the chronological resume.

Writing a Winning Chronological Resume: Tips and Tricks

Have checked the chronological resume format but lack ideas on how to make the content perfect? Just say the word and you’ll find the useful resume recommendations here! How do recruiters differentiate between good and bad chronological resumes? It is not enough to know the resume structure requirements.

Most candidates will prepare well-structured resumes, some of them will even use professional writing assistance. Want to get feedback from a recruiter in the form of a call and invitation to come to the interview? Follow expert easy tips and tricks aimed at crafting a killer resume following the reverse chronological order. He/she will 100% choose you if listening to expert advice!

  • Be careful about details in the chronological resume: Don't miss anything important listing your work experience or mentioning degrees. Have a map in your mind writing a resume where all pieces of information should be well-linked

  • Share information in a clear/concise manner: Remember that the resume volume mustn't be large. Sure that it may differ depending on the person's work experience but in most cases, it is a couple of pages. Don't write very long complicated sentences telling about your responsibilities. Make this resume section informative but brief

  • Focus on your achievements: Don't hurry to omit the resume section where you are supposed to tell about your duties at the previous position. Highlight what kind of knowledge you gained and what achievements you can boast. Here, your task is not to exaggerate your importance but to make an accent on what you can do really at the top level

  • Keep the employer's requirements in mind: Working on your resume, remember about the requirements the employers have. Do your best to adjust your CV to the wants/needs of the company you see yourself a part of dreaming to join their team. Show you have what the recruiter wants to find in a perfect job seeker

  • Proofread the resume: Don’t hurry to put a comma - check your resume 2-3 times! Anytime writing a serious document, whose success may play a crucial role in your future career, don't be lazy - check whether there are any mistakes/misprints/any other errors. Rereading the resume one more time, check if it sounds impressive. This is the best way to check whether all necessary pieces of information are there or something has been missed. Have doubts? Better edit it!

Highlight strengths in the resume and be awesome! We hope that the chronological resume writing guide above will be helpful in applying for your dream job. Engage the recruiter from the very 1st lines - let him/her see that you are the leader having the professional career success, strong wish to improve skills regularly working hard.