How to Write a Thank You Follow up Interview Letter - Essential Tips

How to Write a Thank You Follow up Interview Letter - Essential Tips

ending a thank you follow up interview letter is a norm today. It is a good opportunity for you to remind an employer about yourself and demonstrate your politeness. Such a letter can sometimes increase your chances of landing a job of your dream since it leads to hearing you. In this article, we will take a look at how to write a thank you follow up interview letter and discuss why you should actually send it.

Why Should You Send a Thank You Letter?

Apart from being an ordinary email, thank you follow up message writing provides you with a number of benefits:

  • It allows you to remind an employer about yourself. If an HR has a successful interviews with dozens of candidates and it is only you who sends him a follow up message, then your chances of getting a job increase automatically.
  • Such an email gives you a chance to get rid of any misunderstanding or request any information you have forgotten to ask.
  • A thank-you follow up note is just a polite continuation of conversation. You can use this chance to ask for feedback about your candidacy or inquire additional information about the candidate being researched for.

If you are going to send a thank you follow-up emails, be sure to specify the exact name of the interlocutor, his contacts, or take a business card after the end of the interview. Check the spelling of the names and titles of posts. For this, it is easiest to ask for their business cards with the email address and phone number being specified there. You can ask the receptionist or secretary for this information. Even if the office manager did not participate in the interview, try to make a positive impression on him as well.

Make sure that a thank you letter is written in accordance with the rules of business correspondence and sent by fax or email. If you do not know how to write a thank you follow up interview letter, we will provide you with the basic industry standards of business correspondence your letter is to be in line with.

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How to Write a Thank You Follow up Interview Letter?

Sending such a letter gives you several advantages over other candidates; this include:

  • you can show yourself as a polite, responsible person;
  • you can demonstrate the ability to conduct business correspondence;
  • you can attract the attention of the employer;
  • you can strengthen the positive impression about yourself;
  • you can add important information that you have not mentioned during the interview;
  • you can express your pleasure and opinions on the issues discussed at the interview.

At the end of the interview, you may usually be asked if you have any questions. Take the opportunity to ask about the time frame when the company plans to make a hiring decision. Ask the interviewer for the permission for meeting or giving a call again in a day. Remember that if you said that you plan to re-contact the person, be sure to do it.

Many companies judge whether a candidate is excited about getting a position by the steps that he or she takes after an interview. Remember that every interaction with the employer is a kind of interview, be it formal or not. The format of the re-contact depends on circumstances.

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It is not always clear what specific information is worth sending. Should it be a brief retelling of your resume, a declaration of appreciation to the company, or an informal story about yourself? Here are some tips on writing such messages. The volume of such a message should not be too long - approximately half of the A4 sheet. Ability to meet this framework allows the employer to assess your ability to clearly and concisely express your thoughts without too much water.

Regardless of the chosen contact method, you must follow the below notes:

  1. Mention they you have enjoyed your talk during the interview process;
  2. Re-express your interest in this position;
  3. Refer to the subject topics and details you have discussed during the interview;
  4. Once again, bring attention to the main points that reflect your working experience and skills, and specify how they can be beneficial to the organization;
  5. Thank the person for his/ her time;
  6. Don’t put any pressure on a person to be hired to work.

A well-thought-out thank you email will not only emphasize your interest in this position and a team but also will show your appreciation for the attention paid to you. Sending a thank you letter after an interview is an integral part of business etiquette. Some employers even expect to receive such a message. Even if you are not sure whether the role is of interest to you, be sure to send a follow up letter. Making a good impression on job interview participants creates great opportunities for future contacts, as well as other career opportunities.

When writing a thank you letter, use the contact information you received during the interview. Send a separate email to each of the interview participants. Make sure the company receives your message before making a hiring decision. If you know that your employer will make a decision before receiving your message, do not hesitate send it.

If you feel the lack of inspiration and do not know what to write to people who interviewed you, you can always search for and find thousands of free examples, which you can use as a template to fill in. Thus, you can save hours of your time. Each sample will contribute to your learning and will serve as advice you can start using.

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What Are the Common Mistakes in Follow up Letter?

  • Excessive politeness - try to limit yourself to at least two thanks; otherwise, it will look silly;
  • Final revision - after you check the email, make sure of speaking about everything in the copy and that you have any comments after reading it;
  • Flattery - learn not to praise the company and HR's too much; it is inappropriate;
  • Excessive emotionality - you should not talk about how much you want to work at the company; everything should be formal;
  • Proper format - start your writing with dear and finish it with sincerely;
  • The desire to say everything that did not have time to share - it is not always a good idea because the essence of such a letter is gratitude, but if you really want to say something important or send something that you discussed during the interview, go ahead ;
  • Pity - you should in no case put pressure on the person; it is inappropriate to say that this is your last chance of being hired; it is better to be more modest;
  • Confidence that you will be hired - it is not a polite approach to be overconfident.

Our Verdict!

Still in doubt whether to send a thank you follow up mail and do not know what to write in it? We hope that the above tips and recommendations will be of great value for you. In case you want to make things just perfect, you can order our professional help - and will help you land your dream job fast.